LeGrande Larsen

Silhouette-Biker_2585249 Name: LeGrande Larsen
Age: 40
Position: Assistant Coach
Ride: K2 Disco Monkey (year unknown)
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Current Residence: West Valley City, Utah
Experience: As a youth, I would ride my bike over to the dirt track just a few blocks from my home to have fun on the hills and dips. In my college years, I took up mountain biking and started exploring trails for mountain biking from Bountiful to Draper, and from Park City to Bingham Copper Mine. I have found that I am no dare-devil on the bike but I do enjoy riding for fun. My son is also on the team and very much enjoys mountain biking. We have been with the team since the beginning. Last year was the first year I helped the team as an assistant coach and our riders are AWESOME! At home I work with the 14-15 year old Varsity Scouts and work hard to make things enjoyable for the scouts. I am always encouraging others to do their best and be understanding when things are not going well for them. This is a GREAT team.

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