PizzaRev Fundraiser!

It’s official!!! All day on Monday, July 27 is our PizzaRev fundraiser day at Valley Fair Mall. PizzaRev will take care of everything. All you have to do is show up. Tell everyone you can to show up on July 27, mention the West Granite Mountain Bike Team, and order your pizza. That easy. Tell everyone you can. Post this on Facebook or your favorite social media site, tell your friends, parents to tell their co-workers, send carrier pigeons,…, let the world know to eat at PizzaRev at Valley Fair Mall that day. And our team will keep 20% of the purchases made that day from those mentioning they are there to support the West Granite Team.

Important: Whoever comes must bring the flyer or mention the West Granite Composite Mountain Bike Team. If they do not do this, the money will not go towards the team.