Gearing up for 2015 Mountain Bike Season

West Granite Mountain Bike Team,

For parents and riders:

We are gearing up for our 2015 season. Before you know it, we will be refreshing our skills, getting fit, and riding the trails. There are a lot of plans in the works for this year that will be discussed in our first parent and rider meeting. Since our season begins July 1, we are planning on having some trail rides in May and June before we officially begin practices in July.

Join Our Team

If you are a new rider or a returning rider, please let us know. Go to our Awesome team website ( (you may already be there/here!), select JOIN OUR TEAM!, and fill out the information on the webpage. Riders, get your friends, neighbors, and students at school to join the team too. This webpage is for new riders, returning riders, and any adults who would like to help with the team. Adults, if you want to help and have little time to spare, we can still use your help. Please sign up and we will work with your schedule. We can use as much help as we can get to make this team GREAT for our riders. Recruit your friends and neighbors to help too.


Sponsors and Fundraisers

We need your input on who you want to sponsor our team. We are in the process of asking a couple of companies now. But we need your input as to who you want us to approach. If you are already a customer with a business, it will be easier to approach them asking to sponsor our team because you are already a current customer. Here are somethings to think about while suggesting sponsors:

  • Where do you enjoy eating?
  • What entertainment do you enjoy going to? (movies, museums, fun centers, ski, recreation, fitness centers)
  • Where do you go for grocery shopping? (stores, malls, hobby shops, athletic stores)
  • What radio stations do you listen to?
  • What dental/medical clinics do you go to?
  • What products/food do you enjoy using?
  • Where do your parents work? Will you approach them about sponsoring the team?
  • Where do you bank?
  • Where do you purchase or service your car?
  • What insurance company do you use? (auto, home, health care)

We are open to all suggestions, whether you are a consumer or not with the business. We are also open to any fundraising ideas you may have. If you want to help with the sponsorship or fundraising process, please let me or our sponsorship chairman, Sheldon Bates know you want to help. ( The more money we pull in, the less our riders or their parents will have to pay for fees and possibly travel expenses to races.


Service Opportunity – Trail Building

We have an opportunity for service to give back to the community and to help the League. Coach Jake Weber has been working on trails for our new race course in Eagle Mountain, which is on the calendar for 2015. He has the following dates scheduled. The sooner the trails are done, the better they will be with rain and riding.


Where: Hidden Hollow Elementary School 7447 North Hidden Valley Parkway, Eagle Mountain 84005

Time: 9:15 am
April 4
April 18th
April 25th

I will be participating in the trail building on April 18. If anyone needs a ride, please let me know. You are welcome to attend any of the above dates.


This will be a GREAT year! Don’t miss out. Remember to sign up on the website so we know if you will be joining us in 2015. Look forward to seeing all of you soon.


Thank You,
LeGrande Larsen | Mountain Bike Coach |
West Granite Composite Mountain Bike Team